Nicola Picogna

Nicola Picogna is an italian photographer born on December 5th, 1979.
Graduated as a technician in the industrial technology field at the "Arturo Malignani" institute in Udine, in 2003 he recieved a secondary degree as a technician in audio-visual and multi-media at the "Università degli studi" of Udine with a thesis entitled 'Scenografie teatrali video. Il caso de La memoria dell’offesa '.
Very important for his formation the stage and collaboration with Stalker Video in Milan, where he takes part of the realization of video theatrical scenographies and video installations.
Among his experiences, the presence of Sandro D'Eva at the workshop, who led the photography administrated by the Cineteca del Friuli of Gemona and the workshop with the Oscar winning Zbig Rybczynski on the analysis of his artwork and on his theories of the representation.
He was in charge of the photography of various video clips and short films and a full length film, administrating also the direction; many participations to exhibitions and collective competitions whether with photographic artwork or videos.
At the moment Nicola works one of the most important photography studios in the design and interior field, signing several shots for publicity campaigns. In the artistic field he joins myfavouritecolor as photographer and director of photography.